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  Hair loss and gray hair are often related to tension, stress, fatigue, anxiety, imbalance in the endocrine system as well as normal genetic factors.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, stress, tension and anxiety are all closely related to the blood circulation of the liver: they cause an uneven flow of blood to the liver, which slows down the blood circulation of the body and forms obstructions due to accumulated toxins in the blood stream.  When blood cannot circulate freely, nutrients cannot be transported to the skin, resulting in graying and loss of hair.  The relationship between the skin and hair can be understood by the analogy of soil and plants.  When there are not enough nutrients in the soil for the plants to absorb and to grow, they will not grow strong and beautiful.

  “NUTRIHAIR” is a supplement made of natural herbs.  Its  aim is to facilitate blood circulation, eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, secure nutrients  to the skin and hair roots; making the whole body fresh and healthy.

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