Male sexuality is strongly influenced by the external environment and one’s emotional state.  About 90% of the occurrence of sexual dysfunction is associated with excessive pressure, depression, and nervousness.  This condition is characterized by symptoms such as low to no desire for sex, impotence, and premature ejaculation.  Endocrine disorders, also, can sometimes trigger the occurrence of premature ejaculation.  Surprisingly, only about 3-10% of the occurrences of sexual dysfunction is actually caused by physical ailments including chronic prostatitis, congenital genital malformation, etc.

  Conventionally, impotence is treated with hormones such as testosterone, while premature ejaculation is treated with sedatives or anesthetics to reduce excitability in order to alleviate the problem.  This kind of treatment, however, may cause a functional disorder of the liver and the kidneys.

  “MACHO-MAGIC” aims at enhancing the metabolic function of the liver, which is affected under stress, and at balancing the endocrine system to maintain the yin/yang balances:  Slowing down the cells’ aging process and at the same time facilitating the healthy growth of sperm cells.  By enhancing the function of the organs, especially the liver, “MACHO-MAGIC” is able to increase the sexual desire in patients who suffer from this condition and at the same time, increases their energy level.  “MACHO-MAGIC” is a natural herb supplement with no adverse side-effects.  Therefore, sexual dysfunction will no longer be a man’s nightmare.

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