Statistics show that over eighty percent of gastric discomfort is related to emotional stress.  In a fast paced society, excessive anxiety and daily pressures are often the factors that cause a disorder of the digestive system.

  Experiments indicate that when one is overwhelmed by these pressures, the secretion of gastric acid is ten to forty-fold higher than normal.  The misconception that excessive gastric acid causes ulcers has resulted in ulcers being treated with anti-acid medications.  Anti-acid medications can temporarily relieve the pain; however, it cannot cure the ulcer.

  Recent studies indicate there is a strong relationship between gastric acid, pylorus spirobacteria, and ulcers.  Acidic environments foster the growth of spirobacteria, which is what causes the formation of an ulcer.  Therefore, the treatment of an ulcer must aim at sterilizing spirobacteria, and constraining their growth.

  “GASTRO-COMFORT” is a natural herbal supplement that is aimed at facilitating blood circulation, promoting the growth of cells on the surface of the ulcer, suppressing the growth of spirobacteria by reducing the acidity in the stomach, and sterilizing them.  “GASTRO-COMFORT” can also help to increase movement of the intestines, and to balance the secretion of enzymes, which in turn leads to the enhancement of gastric and intestinal immunity

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