In the last several decades, a tremendous amount of effort has been made on anti-cancer drug research.  Yet, tens of thousands of these cell toxic drug researches have failed to escape the shadow of “killing the enemy, but also getting killed” that hangs over those annihilative drugs.   Man has come to realize the need for a different path other than that of the cell toxic drugs.   In recent years, far-reaching advances have been made in immunology, which has extended into biology and various fields of medicine and renovated many conventional theories.  The knowledge of immunology has been applied not only to geriatric health maintenance, ailment deterrence, and health preservation in the field of preventive medicine, but also to combating certain major illnesses.  With the discovery of immunological anti-cancer drugs, a totally new and exciting frontier has been opened.

  Statistics show that there are over two hundred million hepatitis B virus carriers in the world; in China and Southeast Asia alone, there are one hundred twenty million virus carriers.
Each year, one million five hundred thousand people die from liver cancer.  In the next twenty years, thirty million people will get liver cancer.  Thirty thousand cases of hepatitis B are discovered in the U.S. each year.  The number of hepatitis C patients is 3-4 times higher than that of hepatitis B.  This has caught the attention of the medical world.

  The long history of clinical practice shows that the means of traditional Chinese medicine cannot bring about breakthroughs in the complete treatment of cancer.  We must utilize all means evolved from modern cell biology and develop natural medicine through molecular biology.  Modern science and technology show that in the complex process of life there exist various adjusting organic mechanisms, such as the neurological endocrine and immunology systems, we have identified and separated micro matters, such as the neurohumor transmitters, enzymes, and receptors that perform the adjustments.  The neurohumor transmitter and hormones are the main carriers of neurological messages.  It is critical for natural medicine to follow the path of seeking out living matters that truly perform the adjusting functions by selecting natural herbs the immunological power of which is indicated by the receptors and the enzymes.

  The series of immunological drugs of Young America Inc. are attained by an accurate and balanced recombination of high efficiency elements that are selected from an extensive array of medicinal herbs through a meticulous process utilizing methods developed by modern cell biology.  In the process, harmful biological alkaline is removed from the elements through the balanced recombination; thereby making them harmless to the normal cells and achieving a high level of therapy not obtainable by the ordinary singular herbs.

  BRM-SYNERGY is a natural medicine that principally heightens the human immunology. It has been shown by cellular biology that BRM-SYNERGY is a precise combination of many anti-
Cancer substances, extracted from natural plants that can induce changes in cancer cells.  These substances are high efficiency elements extracted through a repeated process, which has been validated by reverse tumor experiments.  Their anti-cancer nature is tied to the production of conducting interferons inside the body.  They distinctly raise the phagocytic rate and the phagocytic index by stimulating the macrophage and the natural macrophage, increasing the number of the macrophage, enlarging the cells, and raising the phagocytosis.  These high efficiency elements are highly compatible with the lipid diatomic m. and are capable of rapidly entering the lipid diatomic m. of the cell membrane.  By changing the nature of the lipid diatomic m., these elements cause the multi-function cancer cell membrane molecules to change the messages sent to the cell nuclei.  The messages in turn lead to a reversal of cancer causing genes such as the C-myc.  Cancer cells treated by the high efficiency matters gain near normal characteristics of cells; and the division of the cell are suppressed.  The cancer cells lose their biological character as the cancer cell nuclei go through degenerative changes such as nucleus breakdown, shrinkage, and vacuolization.  The result is an important breakthrough in cell biology research in the world!  For example, the augmentation of ALPHA FETOPROTEIN (AFP), which is found in most liver cell cancer patients.  The series of immunolgical anti-cancer drugs of Young America Inc. can restore AFP to the normal level in a relatively short period of time, within a few weeks.  Such drastic reduction proves the radical change in the nature of the nucleus of the liver cancer cell.  (Clinic record 1 attached)

  Treating cancer with immuno-biology is the most scientific and most effective regimen with the least side effects; it will be the cardinal direction of cancer research for a long time to come.  Its superiority is apparent:  immuno-therapy strengthens the regeneration and resistance capabilities of the reconstructive system of the body; it is the most basic and fundamental therapy.  The ingredients of BRM-SYNERGY and HEPATROPHY are active matters obtained from natural herbs.  The balanced recombination eliminates certain side effects that are common to singular medicines, and, at the same time, massively raises the effectiveness of the combined usage.  It also avoids the toxic side effect of large scale physical degradation that accompanies chemotherapy.  Coupling BRM-SYNERGY with HEPATROPHY, and other specific immunological anti-cancer drugs of Young America, the survival and development conditions of cancer cells are essentially eliminated; and the rate of recurrence is lowered.  This is particularly effective on primary carcinoma and recurrence carcinoma.

BRM-SYNERGY, HEPATROPHY and other immunological drugs of Young America have the following features in treating cancer:

1.      Generally, results are brought about in four weeks.  Each treatment cycle is three           
2.      They may be taken by cancer patients of any primary carcinoma or metastatic                       
         carcinoma cancer.
3. They may be used with western medicines, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
4. No toxic side effects.  Non-addictive
5. They may be used in the long run for ailment prevention and health maintenance.

  Prescribed for: Various immunological disorder syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome,
Various forms of cancer, and to reverse the undesirable effects of immune and blood generation suppression caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy...


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