Chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, fatty liver, Hepatosplenomegaly, alcoholism, drug poisoning and liver disease syndromes. Take with BRM-Synergy to treat various idiopathic and metastatic cancers.



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Liver synthesizes the proteins needed by cells and keeps the glucose level in balance in human body and is the main source of energy provider for human activities. Liver is also responsible for detoxing many internal (like hormones) and external matters (like drugs).



Impaired liver functions or liver dysfunctions are mostly caused by viruses, alcoholism and drug poisoning. People experience fatigue, inappetence, headache, nausea, dry and discolored skin and may feel weak and bloated. While no traditional herbal medicine has been found effective, existing liver protection chemical compounds do more harm than good—causing allergies like skin rash with no detectable improvement.



Traditional Chinese medicine theory finds liver and spleen physically connected and pathologically inter-influential—spleen dampness and liver heat are the root of liver diseases while liver-qi stagnation will hamper the movement and dissolution functionalities of the spleen. Therefore removing heat and dampness, de-clogging liver deposits and smoothing out qi-blood and meridians should be the approach in treating, modulating and protecting liver.



BRM Liver-trophy is a naturally extracted nutrient. It smoothes out liver qi and its fluid circulation, nourishes and vitalizes blood, removes dampness and heat and de-clogs residuals. Constant administration of BRM Liver-trophy harmonizes spleen functions, nourishes liver and kidney, mellows out and boosts qi and blood circulation in vital organs and in such optimized internal environment liver diseases will self-eliminate before long.



Comprehensive clinical tests have proven that BRM Liver-trophy can prevent the decrease of hepatic glycogen, push the histocytes to trigger interferon against viruses and inhibit virus growth. It enhances the liver’s detox capacity, prevents hepatic steatosis, resists liver damage, expedites cell regeneration, increases albumin, improves liver functionality and liver cell blood supply, boosts oxygen resistance and inhibits fibroplasias. BRM Liver-trophy can also improve normal immunity functions while inhibiting abnormal immune system reactions. It can protect and vitalize liver cells while enriching cell nutrition, expedite liver cell repair by dissolving fibrous tissues. It is an ideal tonic supplement as extended intake can help prevent liver dysfunction with no adverse side-effects.





3 capsules per dose and 3 times per day.



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