Chinese natural medicine is a great gem of the Chinese people. Over the past 20 years many countries all over the world have started to take the contribution that natural medicine has to human health seriously. Many have invested a great deal of resources and man power in researching the benefits of natural medicine in modern day disease treatment.

The Bio-balance Lab Research Center in California—a scientific research facility owned by Young America Inc.—has dedicated itself to clinical and specialized medicine research for the past 30 years. Over 30 researchers with doctor’s or double doctor’s degrees specialize in bio-tech products, natural medicine chemical analysis and herbal compound researches. They have, in particular, made prominent contributions in researches of bio-chemistry, herbal-chemistry, molecular chemistry, pharmacokinetics and natural medicine immunology. Bio-balance Lab Research Center has unremittingly studied the theories of Western and Eastern medicine to master the strengths of both. It incorporates disciplines of modern medicine into Chinese medicine theories in its search for natural medicine treatments of various contemporary diseases. By adopting up-to-date scientific analytical methods, setting forth the inherent order of the natural medicines and observing the microcosmic changes within the human body during treatment, they thereby determine the nature of the medicine and quantify, standardize and systematize its medicinal use. With stable and repetitive chromatographic fingerprint indices, the research of natural medicine is then firmly established on the grounds of natural science theories.

The theories and practices of natural medicine and the trend of modern scientific development have made it manifest that modernization is the inevitable future of the natural medicine. While maintaining and carrying forward the characteristics of natural medicines, we should adopt modern knowledge and methodology to study and demonstrate the objective physical foundation of natural medicine theories so that we can further explain its internal orders and improve treatment approaches based on objective studies. We should also take advantage of modern multi-discipline knowledge and technology and organically combine the scientific methodologies and research subjects of the various disciplines. These multiple disciplines include the Information Theory, Cybernetics, Dissipative Structure Theory, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Phytochemistry, etc. We should, in particular, take advantage of all the hi-tech means invented by molecular biology to give natural medicine a green revolution so that it can become a truly “green” medicine.

Over the years, Young America Inc. has stood by its mission to “extract naturally, keep only the essential, achieve high quality and efficiency and benefit all mankind”. Through in-depth researches to unravel the mysteries of natural medicines, it has analyzed in great detail the organic connection between the medicines and the human microcosmic world. With a vision set in the traditional Eastern philosophy of Balance, It has seamlessly combined the depository of thousands of years of Chinese medicine with modern state-of-the-art technology. Today, over 60 different kinds of green medicine products with superb treatment results have been developed. All natural pollution free herbs are supplied as raw material for these products. Patented extract techniques are then applied to get pure extracts after strict compound screening. Therefore the purity of effective components and biological absorb rate are dramatically improved compared to ordinary prepared herbal medicine. With useless and harmful impurities separated from the medicinal solution in the process of extraction, it is truly a “green medicine” with lesser burden on patient absorption, zero toxic side effects from harmful chemicals and greatly improved treatment results.

Young America Inc. believes in “customized medication” and has conducted a massive amount of researches on common diseases and made numerous breakthroughs in many scientific and specialized studies. Especially in the virus treatment process, Young America Inc has carried out in-depth researches on human nonspecific reactions and discovered the mechanisms and characteristics of the virus-fighting process. Through the researches we have found the key in treating the diseases caused by virus-induced organ membrane destruction like asthmas caused by bronchial mucosa destruction and ulcers caused by gastrointestinal mucosa destruction. In the study of anti-cancer medicines, Young America Inc research facilities have successfully separated and extracted cell-differentiating substances that can cause cancer cells to transform. These highly effective substances have a strong attraction towards the lipid layers and can quickly penetrate the bilayer lipid membrane. By changing the properties of the bilayer lipid membrane and influencing the functional molecules on the surface of cancer cells, these substances can cause reversal effects on oncogenes and subsequently cause degenerative changes in cancer cell nucleus forms like nuclear defragmentation, shrinkage and vacuole formation. By causing the cancer cells to lose its biological characteristics we can avoid self-harm while eliminating the enemy and achieve highly safe and effective cancer treatment without any of the strong toxic side effects of the chemo or radiation therapy. In the field of clinical immunology, especially in treating the host of diseases caused by insufficient immunoglobulin, Young America Inc has accumulated a unique system of research results. These results have tackled the diseases that both Western and Eastern medicines fail to treat effectively. A huge amount of lab data and thousands of cases in clinical treatment have proven the significant role of science in natural medicine. All of the 128 medicines frequently used in medical facilities and major hospitals all over the world are extracted products from natural herbs. More and more U.S. authoritative medical and research facilities, major international pharmaceutical enterprises and physicians and specialists are beginning to understand, trust and marvel at the huge potential and remarkable achievements the green medicine has in the world of medicine. They have come to express their appreciation and endorsement of Young America Inc’s research results and set up dedicated departments to specialize in natural medicine Research & Development.

The direct affiliate of Young America Inc—UBC Medical Center—is fronted by seasoned medical and biological engineering specialist Prof. Jay Young who has over 30 years of clinical experiences in the field. By using the green medicines developed by Young America Inc and fully embracing overall integrated therapy, UBC Medical Center has successfully treated countless difficult cases and gained full recognition from U.S. mainstream medical facilities. Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Hospital and many other major medical facilities have all referred patients who cannot be helped through conventional treatment to UBC Medical Center for green integrated therapy. Patients that suffered from intractable peptic ulcer but wouldn't go through surgery, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, intractable allergic rhinitis, asthma, diabetes and complications, coronary heart diseases and heart failure, cerebral thrombosis, apoplexy and hemiplegia, muscae volitantes, retinopathy, all kinds of stubborn pains and skin diseases and even numerous patients with cancer ( most of which idiopathic hepatocellular cancer) have been precisely diagnosed and effective treated at the UBC Medical Center.

The research team at Young America Inc believes that the two seemingly unrelated parallel lines of Western and Eastern medicines will eventually cross paths because medicine is an applied science with its ultimate goal being disease prevention and treatment for human health and longevity. And that means the results of medical professional’s prevention and treatment can only be tested by clinical cure rates. It seems like an inevitable trend for Western and Eastern medicines to join hands and complement each other in theories and knowledge depository to fight difficult diseases. Chinese natural medicine can only stand tall if it can maintain its unique characteristics. Young America Inc has developed a school of its own by becoming the first to bring forth the concept of “customized medication for isolated disease”. “Disease isolation” is a deepened recognition of diseases after dialectical researches. “Customized medication” is an extension and latest result of “overall therapy”. “Customized medication for isolated disease” is the perfect embodiment of dialectical treatment.

In recent years scientific approaches in natural medicine has shown growing significance in some major medical science R&D fields. Young America Inc has gained remarkable marketing and social effects with its green medicine products. It’s a testament to people’s strong yearning to return to Nature and improve the quality of life. Carrying the weight of green medicine revolution on its shoulders and equipped with an honest research attitude and relentless professionalism, Young America Inc is determined to embark on the endless mission to scale the highest peaks in the world of medicine!
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